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Podcast Work

Story Pirates Podcast - A million different characters

Barry & The Big Climbing tree can be found in Season 1-Episode 4. Subscribe to the podcast here or wherever you find podcasts to hear me play Evil Durian Dragons and oh so many more characters.

Why I’ll Never Make It Podcast - Co-Host

Patrick and I search for answers from a variety of sources in the entertainment industry. Check me out as co-host in Season 1.

Other Video Work, noun - The Moderator

In this unique short written by Tammy McNeil & Catriona Rubenis-Stevens and Directed by Catriona (2nd place winner in the Fantasy/Fiction/Sci-fi category of the 2nd Annual NYWIFT Online Shorts Festival and currently available here)., noun follows the last days of a woman as she checks into the "Goodbye clinic" to have her life deleted. 

Pepsi “Superbowl 50 Halftime Show Show” : Nacho Cheese Guy

A genuinely nutty commercial-parody of awards shows created by Paul Sheer for all the un-sung heroes at the Super Bowl

Dollar Shave Club : Counting Jelly Beans is Dull, Your Blade Shouldn't Be

A weird campaign where I count jelly beans on camera for an hour and 45 minutes. It is genuinely dull.

No 6 - Candy Bar

In this odd commercial (aired only once at 2am on Adult Swim), a guy (me) genuinely loves his candy bar when a woman (Andrea Boehlke or Survivor fame) asks for a bite, things don’t go well.

Green Smoke - Mailman

A smoking cessation campaign in which an overly informative mailman (me) pitches an online delivery service that helps former smokers.